Mathew Homewood, professional genealogist

A family history research service by a thorough, meticulous, and reliable genealogist

I offer a range of services relating to family trees, and keep to the traditional way of producing family trees; pen and ink.

Whether you have already spent time researching your family tree and reached a sticking point, or would like an entire tree produced from scratch; I am happy to take on the job.

“You have been so easy to deal with, and the quality of your work really is first class. Thank you for helping us to provide our father with such a unique gift” – J Cook

After many years of researching family trees, I continue to remain passionate about all my research requests, however small. Tracing one’s ancestors can be a fascinating personal journey, and I aim to give as much passion and commitment to a customer’s family tree as if it were my own.

Our ancestors are more than just names from the past; their actions and decisions have determined where we are today, and indeed the very fact we are here at all. The upheaval and hardship faced by many of our ancestors deserves acknowledgement, and family trees help to keep their memory alive.

“The finished work Mathew gave me was not only extremely detailed, but also very professionally presented” – Mark Hunt

My great great grandparents, Henry and Emily Homewood, with their five eldest children;
William, Annie, Henry, George and Nellie